The Top 10 Mistakes Job Seekers Ought To Avoid In Contacting An Employer

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There are numerous tools and resources out there to guide job seekers through the steps of a career transition. These tools are very helpful and suggest abundant that you ought to do. At the same time, some people benefit equally by learning what to avoid. If you count yourself in this latter cluster here could be a laundry list of things that "turn off" an employer. Build sure you avoid the following:

1. Do not submit your cowl letter and resume using every format known to man.
Do not fax, e-mail and send hardcopy; one submission is sufficient.

2. Don't "stalk" the employer.
Calling and e-mailing daily to see if you've got been selected for an interview looks needy and will not encourage the employer to contact you.

3. Do not say in your cowl letter that you'll decision the employer and then not call.
Higher nonetheless, do not say you propose to call. Employers do not have time to field calls from each applicant.

4. Do not ignore the employer's directions regarding the submission of your qualifications.
As an example - if an employer has advertised for a technical writer and requested 3 writing samples, send 3 samples. I once received an e-mail from one applicant saying he had therefore many great samples that he was unable to determine upon three, therefore he wasn't sending any.

5. Don't decision the employer and ask them to tell you additional about the task before submitting your resume.
If you see a position advertised that looks appealing, choose it. You'll be able to get the main points later.

6. Do not e-mail and forget to supply the attachments or provide attachments that are blank.

7. Don't raise if the duty continues to be open among every week or 2 of an advertisement.
Whether or not the job is open or not is almost irrelevant. You'll need to offer yourself as many choices as possible and getting your resume on file will be vital, particularly if the employer's initial provide is not accepted or a further candidate is needed.

8. Don't expect the employer to try and do your homework.
It's your job to analysis the employer. Search the web, attend the library, and utilize your network to see what data is out there concerning the company.
9. Don't send a resume while not a cowl letter.
Simply stated, most employers view this as being lazy.

10. Don't make it onerous for the employer to position you.
Employers frequently have more than one chance out there, therefore it is important that you specify the position for which you're applying.
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The Top 10 Mistakes Job Seekers Ought To Avoid In Contacting An Employer

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This article was published on 2010/12/10