Avoiding the Unemployment Path After Graduation

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Unemployment, it’s the fear of every college student.

You go to college with the hopes of jumpstarting a professional career, and finally lift your family out of debts or financial difficulties. Unfortunately, this does not happen all the time.

What lies ahead
It sucks when you are paying thousands of dollars for the student loan, and receiving as much pay as those who did not go to college at all.

When everyone out there is looking for somebody who has acquired specific certifications, and has earned experiences, and so you know you have nothing in your resume to back up your application. You step out of the office, feeling helpless.

You send out your resume to other employers and then receive no response, even after weeks. And then you shall find yourself contemplating whether you should again go back to school, to acquire a graduate degree.

Fighting unemployment
There are ways how you can save yourself from the unemployment trend, and here are few of those:

1. Maintain connection with mentors. Do not contact your mentors only after graduation, or once you are already searching for jobs. It will only make you look like you are desperate and that you are only taking advantage of them because you know you could use their connections at this time. So even if you are still in the university, find time to send your previous professors an e-mail. Phone calls aren’t really that ideal. Your professors might need time to remember you, and so it is safest to settle for e-mail.

2. Put up a blog. It’s easy to create a blog these days with the several hosting websites you can choose from. Create your own blogsite, and ensure that what you put, matters. Instead of ranting about political issues, focus on the lighter side of life. Reflect your positive personality on your posts.

Share the budget friendly trip you had with friends, and the tips that you can give to fellow backpackers. Keep your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts active and be cautious of your posts. It’s better to not speak when you have nothing good to say. And even if we’re talking about your personal account, it pays to use photos that do not imply negative message. You never know who comes across your page. It might be the editor from writing aids such as A-Writer.com scouting for potential employees.

Blogs that matter contribute to changing lives, and influencing people’s thoughts. These platforms can also help you create yourself a favorable career path.

3. Learn new skill. You’ve heard employers say that you lack skills or qualifications they are looking for. If that is so, pimp up your strengths and learn a new skill. You may be good at writing since you have taken a creative writing degree, but most employers prefer writers who also have a background on web design or desktop publishing. You know the solution then. Sign up for web design classes, and afterward,

4. Acquire internships or apply for free work. Since employers are looking for experience, initiate the move yourself and apply for internships. See to it that you work for a company whose nature is related to the academic degree you obtained so you can apply or use your learning. And then make it a habit to,

5.  Update Your Resume. Regardless the number of job openings you apply for, your resume would not attract employers if there’s nothing in it that they will find beneficial. Employers want people that are able to work with minimal supervision. They want staff that relates with and understands their business. They look into your work experience or professional background. Ensure that you always your resume and reflect your skills and internships.

College education is not enough to achieve successful career

While pursuing for college education is beneficial, as employers also would want workers with diploma, sometimes it isn’t enough. The job market is constantly evolving. Industries are not always lucrative as they have started, or have been. You’d have to be the one to find your way out of unemployment trend.


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Olivia Odle has had her eyes on essay writing since high school. She works as an online freelance essay writer, and also volunteers for tutoring jobs during her spare time.

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Avoiding the Unemployment Path After Graduation

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Avoiding the Unemployment Path After Graduation

This article was published on 2012/08/25